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Matsutec HAB-130 Marine Boat Fishing boat Positioning apparatus AIS Fishing Net with Antenna IPX7 GPS Anti-lost Tracker Locator
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Matsutec HAB-130 AIS Net Position Meter Send AIS Location Information in Real Time IPX7 Waterproof GPS Anti-lost Tracker


Long Standby Time

Compact Size, Easy to Install

High Power Transmission for Long Distance Communication

High Precision and Fast Receiving GPS Positioning

Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery

User-friendly Charging Instruction

Send Battery Power Information in Real Time

Send AIS Positioning Data in Real Time

Widely Used for Search, Anti-collision, etc.

Battery Power Can be Displayed at Shipborne AIS Interface

Send Location Information for AIS Receiver to Display on Charts


1. High Performance: The AIS fishing net tracker has high power transmission for long distance communication, with high precision and fast receiving GPS positioning.
2. High Precision: Adopts GPS dual mode positioning, the location information of the network level meter and the power status can be displayed on the AIS receiver.
3. 15 Days Standby: Long standby time, compact in size, easy to install, and designed with large capacity rechargeable battery, once charge can work continuously for more than 15 days.
4. Parameter: Widely used in search, collision avoidance, etc., with about 10nm communication range, AIS signal transmission interval can be configured from 0.5 minutes to 10 minutes.
5. Precautions for Charging: Easy to operate, when charging, please turn to OFF state, do not short circuit charging interface, please use the local special power adapter charging.


Item Type: AIS Fishing Net Tracker

Material: ABS

Frequency: 161.975MHz, 162.025MHz
Bandwidth: 25kHz
Frequency Spacing: 25kHz
Modulation Mode: GMSK
RF Power: 5W
RF Current: ≤2.5A
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh DC7.4V lithium battery
Voltage: DC 7.4V
Operating Temperature: -20℃-+60℃
Communication Range: Approx. 10nm (Nautical Miles)
GPS Data Update Time (Adjustable): 1~30 Minutes, Factory Default Setting 2 Minutes
Standby Time: ≥15 Days

Plug Specifications: US plug 100V-240V

Power On and Off Instructions:
Power On: Rotate the power switch to the ON position, turn off the traffic indicator for 2 seconds, and enter the normal working state.
Power Off: Rotate the power switch to the OFF position and enter the shutdown state.

Battery Charging Instructions:
The battery should be charged before use.
Plug the power adapter into an AC power output outlet.
Unscrew the transparent bottom cover under the stencil meter.
Unplug the charging port plug on the screen meter panel, plug the power adapter output terminal into the charging interface, start charging, and during the charging process, the red light is always on.
When the battery is full, turn on the yellow light. The charging time is about 4 ~ 5 hours.
After finishing charging, the transparent bottom cover should be tightened to ensure waterproofing.

When charging, turn the power switch to the OFF state (turn off)
Do not short circuit the charging interface.
Use the equipped power adapter (output DC9.2V/1A), otherwise the machine may be burned.

Work LED description:
Green light is always on: GPS positioning, the power is higher than 7.0V.
Green light blinking: GPS positioning, the power is lower than 7.0V; please pay attention to the timely charging of the device.
Red light on: Enter the AIS signal transmission state.
Green light and red light: light up at the same time, boot initialization.

Package List:

1 x AIS Fishing Net Tracker

1 x Charger

1 X programming cable