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MP445 printer for NAVTEX Receiver with power adaptor GMDSS NAVTEX RECEIVER THERMAL PRINTER
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MP445 printer for NAVTEX Receiver with power adaptor

Product details

1. Introduction

MP-445 printer is a professional ship printer, support English and Chinese printing, fast printing speed, high resolution, low noise, good reliability, high print quality, no ribbon, eliminating the trouble of daily maintenance. Support a variety of font sizes, multiple line spacing, effective paper saving.

 JRC Furuno Samyung, Sealink , FTCN , CMTCME ME1701, CHIYANG

2,Printing performance

 Printing method: Line type thermal printing

 Print paper width: 57.5±0.5mm

Print Width:48mm

Print density: 8 dots/mm, 384 dots/line

Print speed: Maximum print speed: 250mm/s (25% print density)

Reliability: (1) Print head life: 150km

3. Printing characters

Western character set: 8×16 dots or 16×16 dots

Chinese characters: 16×16 dots or 32×32 dots

4. Interface type

RS-232C serial interface: Support DTR/DSR protocol.

Baud rate: 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200bps.

5. Power requirements

DC24V±30%, 1.5A power supply, can be directly connected to marine 24V power supply.

6. Working environment

Operating temperature:0℃~50℃ Operating relative humidity:10%~80%

Storage temperature:-20℃~60℃ Storage relative humidity:10%~90%

7. Size  : 7.5X10X4cm

8. Operating Instructions

(1) Equipment off-line and connection

After the device is powered on, press LINE_ON key. The offline and online status can be switched. The ON LINE light is on when the device is online.

(2) When the device is online, press FEED to exit the paper.

(3) Printer parameter setting

When the printer is off, press and hold the LINE ON key, then turn on the power switch on the right side of the printer. The self-test sheet is printed and enters the setup state.

In the setup state, press the LINE ON key to confirm the parameters of the current setup item.FEED to modify the parameters of the current test item. Until all parameters are set.

Setting order baud->print speed->font->line width->END.