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Navtex receiver navigational telex NTX-100 CY GMDSS life saving solas IMO ship electronics navigation communication
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The NTX100 NAVTEX receiver can receive and show various voyage warning information in three frequencies 518kHz, 486kHz (or 490kHz), 4209.SkHz for all marine vessels and platforms Received information inc. Navigational warnings, Meteorological warnings, Meteorological warnings, Search and rescue information etc You can use the setup to choose the information type and information launching pad, receive the meteorological and warning etc information, supply the sure reliance to sail safely. Ultra clear 5.7” backlit monochrome LCD, Chinese and English language menu. Easy to use 
Main features: 
1. Meet the I MO A.694(17) and IMO A.694(17) , and meet the standards of I EC 61097-6 and GB/T1 8766-2009. 
2. Automatically receive information at 518 kHz,486 kHz ( 490kHz),4209.5 kHz. 518 kHz is an international channel, local channels can be selected from 486 kHz ( 490kHz) or 4209.5 kHz, 486 kHz is a special Chinese frequency, sending Chinese information
3. The operation menu can provides either Chinese or English version on the custoner s choice and easy to use for domestic users basis on 5.7-inch LCD display. Settings of Menu are concise, simple operation and easy to understand. 
4. Boot self-checking function can test the equipment automatically, guarantee the system for internal stability, reliability and maintainability.
5. Receiver can store up to 200 messages per channel. It can automatic delete the earliest information when the storage full, and can lock storage 50 messages permanently per channel. The locked message can be eliminated only after manual unlock. 
6. The subject indicator character is used by the receiver to identify different classes of messages selected by the user. The A, B and D, L can not be rejected and buzzer will sound when the above indicator characters received and the buzzer should be canceled by press CLR. 
7. Receiving mode:F1 B 
Sensitivity 2µ V e.m.f.(500 input), error rate of less than 4% for English, and error rate of less than 1 % for Chinese. 
8. Receiver can connect to the external serial printer, can output the statements with IEC 61162 standard with external equipment to exchange information.