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After-sales service

Answer the questions:

1 , about Matsutec AR-10 or AR-12:

a:Choose the correct COM port on the software, and Baud rate:38400, install AR-10 or AR-12 USB driver (http://www.matsutec.cn/down.php).

b:is this Compatible with TelChart V3 ? yes, Compatible.

c:Link DB9

wire      DB9
Blue ---- PIN 2
Brown --- PIN 5

2 ,about Matsutec HA-102:

Link problems, for example:

Garmin 54cv ,1 por :NMEA0183 internal por RX(in)  to link HA-102 ,5 por:SG Brown
Garmin 54cv ,2 por :NMEA0183 internal por TX(OUT)  to link HA-102 ,6 por:SD2 Orange NMEA RS232 AIS output
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3,about Matsutec HAB-120, HAB-120S, HAB-150, HAB-150S

The initial password is 8888.
You can change the password. Please refer to chapter 2.9 Set New Password.
Instructions for Matsutec AIS HAB-120 Config

Driver installed, unable to connect HAB-120 or HAB-120, The following solutions can be tried:

about HAB-120 Win10 Install Method

4,about HA-017M:

It can supply 12 VDC.

Red and black Link power , green and white link RS232, green TX+, white TX-

4,about HA-102:

Turn off the alarm and press the red button