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GC-2000 Gyro Converter NMEA0183 Digital with display
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GYRO Converter NMEA0183 Digital

Model : GC-2000

GC-2000 Gyro Converter Digital can converter synchronous or stepper analog signal of traditional gyro compass into digital signals, and real-time display heading data , at meanwhile , providing multi-channel standard signal to radio, autopilot , electronic charts and AIS devices .

Main Technical Parameters

.4 digit LED digital display to show heading data in accuracy of 0.1 degrees , brightness adjustable.

.Can be applied to a variety of synchronous or stepper compass , to adapt to a variety of transmitting ratio : 360X, 180X, 90X, 45X, 36X .

.Power Supply: External power can be savable , it will be able to work properly as long as the setting switch match the compass, when connect to the AC synchronous compass , power supplied by the excitation voltage of the compass.

.When connect to the stepping compass, power supplied from the stepper signal.

.Power Consumption:  Less than 5W.

.Working Temperature : 0 C - +70C

.Storage temperature : -40C - +85C

.Weight : 600g .

.Output accuracy : 0.2 degree with 360X synchronous or stepper compass.

.Detectable heading angular velocity range: Not less than 10 degree/sec with the 360X synchronization and stepping compass .

Dimension: 170mmX150mmX45mm Weather and lower-price heading generating device.

Input Signal

.Synchronization compass

Excitation voltage : AC 50V ~ AC 120V, 50/60/400HZ .

Phase Voltage : AC20- AC 110V .

Transmitting Ratio : 360X, 180X , 90X , 45X , 36X .

Stepping Compass

Common Polarity: Positive type/ Negative Type

Phase Voltage: DC 24V- 100V

Transmitting Ratio : 360X, 180X, 90X, 45X, 36X

Output Signal

GC-2000 Gyro converter Digital output HDT sentence which defined by IEC61162-1 Standard data transfer protocol .

Sentence Format : $**HDT, XXX.XX,T*hh

(4800, 8 , N , 1 )

Output Baud Rate : 4800

Data Bits: 8

No Calibration : N

Stop Bit : 1

The HDT Statement sending frequency : 4 per Second

GC-2000 Gyro Converter NMEA0183 Digital with display / Gyro Compass converter NMEA0183 Digital signal

GYRO CONVERTER NMEA0183 Digtal PCBA  Model:  GC-100C

Flush mounted into the Host Radar , the function is same as GC-2000